Porudcts Thermostat

ES91.15 series intelligent controller



Operation self-detective              water temperature and level display
Time display                                Touch keys
Full Water Alarm                         Water shortage alarming
Manual Water feeding                  Compulsive water-feeding
water feeding while shortage         Water Level Pre-setup   
 Automatic pressurization              Power-off memory
Manual heating                             Temperature Level Pre-setup
Anti-pipe explosion protection       water tank frost protection
Pipe Defrosting                             Water feeding protection 
Booster pump idling protection      Low water pressure alarm protection
Lightning protection                       Electric heating belt fire prevention
Electric Leakage protection           Overheat protection
Two and four wire sensor automatic identification


Technical Data

Technical data:
1  Power supply : 220VAC  power consumption: ≤6W
2  Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±1℃
3  Range of temperature measuring: 0-99℃
4  Water level classification: Five classes display
5 Power of Booster Pump: ≤500W
6. Power of Electric heating cable : ≤500W
7. Controlled power of electric heating: ≤1500W or 3000W
8. Residual Operating Current:10mA / 0.1S
9 . Parameters of Solenoid valve: DC12V, pressurized and un-pressurized valve are optional.



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