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DV-E Motorized Ball Valve


DV-E series electric adjustable ball valve are made up by EA9XXX series electric actuator, EL9XXX series brass ball valve and EN9001 connectors, to adjust the regulating media flow, it is widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and building automation systems


Imported AC reversible motor
Hysteresis automatic overload protection
Low noise
A constant actuator speed, does not change with the load
Easy installation, no need to debug


Technical Data

Items: EA9X08 EA9X016
Power supply: 20-30VAC 50/60 Hz
Torque: 8Nm 16Nm
Run Time: 60sec/60Hz 72sec/50Hz
Operating status power consumption: 4.0W(24V)
Stop state power consumption: 0.7W(24V)
Diameter: 6.5VA
Control signal: 0(4)…20mA/0(2)…10V
Input Resistance: 0-10V more than 100KΩ/(4)…20mA less than 500Ω
Feedback signal: 0-10V/(4)…20mA or switch control
Position signal: Potentiometer
Rotation: 0-90°
Limit angle: 5-85° (each step 5°)
Auxiliary Switch Rating: 3(1.5)Amp230V
Lifespan: Rotary 70000 times (At rated load)
Noise: 40dB(A)
Protection level: Ⅱ
Protection Level: IP44
Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Humidity: 5-95%RH
Storage Temperature: -40%~+70%
Standard: In line with the standard CE
Dimension(H*W*D): 150*106*67
Weight: 1.1KG


A. Put the ELH9XXX ball valve with EA9XXX electric actuator installed in the horizontal pipe above the center line or with the centerline.
B. In order to reduce the heat conduction of steam or other occasions, should ensure that there is sufficient space for actuator disassembly.
C. When Install the electric actuators, the first turn with the wrench to stem several times to eliminate the torque that long-term storage has made.
D. A port should be the port which flow into.
E. Prevent the water or steam into the actuator.


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