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ELVCB Series Dynamic Flux Balancing Valve


ELEX ELVCB Series Two-way Dynamic Motorized Valve is a new product to control the temperature in Fan Coil Unit system. By integrating Dynamic balance and Motorized switch, it can run steadily and control accuracily.
ELEX ELVCB Series Two-way Dynamic Motorized Valve consists of E30 Series Electro-thermal Actuator and EVCB Series Two-way Dynamic Balance Valve Body. It is widly applicable in HVAC FCU system and other similar control system.


Paraffin Wax Thurster, PTC heating.
Spring replacement. Valve closed when power off.
No noise.
Travel place and open display.
Easy screw installation.
Power Supply: AC24V, 110V, 230 (220V)
Power Consumption: 2VA
Thrust: 110N
Stroke: 3.5mm
Full Travel Time: 3 ~ 5 mins
Connection Size: M30 x 1.5mm thread
Ambient Temperature: -5 - 60 ℃
Length of Lead: 900mm
Shell Material: Fire-proof PC (Inner material is Fire-proof PA66 )
Shell Protection Grade: IP54


Technical Data

Diameter: DN20
Work Pressure: PN16
Flux Error: 5%
Closing Pressure: 4Bar
Valve Body: Brass
Dynamic Valve Core: Stainless Steel/Aluminium Alloy
On/off Valve Core: High serior Plastic
Spring: Stainless Steel
Seal Ring: EPDM
Work Medium: Water
Medium Temperature: 0 ~ 95 ℃


Motorized Switch: Open or close Motorized Modulating Valve Core according to the control signal of room thermostat.
Dynamic Balance: Under the range of work differential pressure, when valve opens, it balances the change of pressure in the system dynamically.
Flux keeps steady according to the set: Flux keeps steady according to the ex-factory set design.


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