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ELVA Series Large Diameter Static Balance Valve


ELVA Series Large Diameter Brass/Stainless Steel Water
Pressure Balance Valve is used to balance water power in a
system. It specially used to measuring the change of flux of
the channels. Refined Copper Valve and Soft Seal promise
the long life.


Applicable in Heating/Cooling system, Living water system or cooling
tower circle water system
Max. Work Pressure: 25Bar
Rated Pressure: PN25
Valve Body: Cast Iron QT500-7


Technical Data

Connector Link: PP Valve Cone: Copper Alloy Valve Shaft: Copper Alloy
Pressure Measuring Port: Brass with EPDM seal Manual Wheel: PC
Valve Cover: Cast Iron Valve Core: Silicon Brass CuZn16Si4-C
Fluid Error: ± 5% (50% - 100% opening)
Work Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 120℃. Higher temperature setting could be ordered. When it it more than
120℃, please detach the manual wheel.
Seal: PTFE/ Double-sided O-ring.
Valve Seat Seal: Valve Core with EPD ring
Valve Cover Bolt: Cauterize-plated steel-made
Digital Manual Wheel: DN50-DN400 valve is matched with red polyamide plastic
Surface processing: Metallic Paint printing twice


Flanged Size: Series 1,ISO5752 standard and Series 1,BS 2080, EN558-1 standard
Marker: ELEX, PN,, DN, Direction Arrowhead, Material and Cast Date(Day,Month,Year, )
Valve Marker: ELEX, Grade 150, Size, Direction Arrowhead and Cast Date(Day,Month,Year, )
Gauge Hatch: Self-seal gauge hatch . Take off the cover and insert to measure by probe.


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