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ELVA Series Small Diameter Static Balance Valve


ELVA Series Small Diameter Brass/Stainless Steel
Water Pressure Balance Valve is used to balance water
power in a system. It specially used to measuring the
change of flux of the channels. Refined Copper Valve
and Soft Seal promise the long life.


Every measured point is self-sealed. When working, users
chould take off the terminal-cap and then insert the sensor
through sealing.

It is applicable in new system ELVA Valve. In the old system, pipe diameter is usually too large. When the valve is equal to the pipe, valve opening will be too small. Therefore, the new ELVA valve which lower the Kv value, increase the valve opening, is more accuracy.


Technical Data

Function: Balancing, Set-advanced, Measure, Shut-off, Leakage(optional)
Valve Body, Valve Cover: Brass
Connection: Screwed DIN2999 BS21
Connector Link: PP
Valve Cone: Copper Alloy
Valve Shaft: Copper Alloy
Pressure Measuring Port: Brass with EPDM seal
Manual Wheel PC
Max. Work Pressure: PN16
Fluid Error: ± 5% (50% - 100% opening)
Work Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 120℃. Higher temperature setting could be ordered. When it it more than 120℃, please detach the manual wheel.
Seal: PTFE/ Double-sided O-ring.
Valve Body: DN (metric centner system) or Inch( english system)


Applicable in Heating and Cooling system (glycol or brine water), Drink Water system(Hot Water/ Cold Water), Sea Water (Cold Water)


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