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VA7000 Series Actuator


VA7000 Series Actuator, an electromechanical product can be made set with VB Series Valve body or other valves by different connectors. The power supply is 24 VAC OR 24 VDC.


Low AC voltage Synchronic Reversible Motor with Magnetic clutch.

Valve working position indicator

Two auxiliary switches and a manual control pole.(optional)

Output could be 0~10 V DC or 4~20 A DC.

Operation Model (DA or RA) can be Selected by jumper.


Technical Data

VA-7100(VA 7102) VA-7200(VA7202)

Operate/Control: Reversible, increment control Proportional and Integral control

Output:0-10VDC,4-20m A DC

Motor: Bi-directional Synchronous Motor with magnetism clutch

Power Supply of Motor:24 VAC 50/60 HZ,5.5 VA

Power Consumption ;2A

Normal Torque :2500 N for VA-71xx series,4500 N for VA-72xx series

Material Gear: stainless steel, Brass

Reduce Down Panel: Zinc- galvanizated steel

Bracket: die-casting aluminum alloy

Shell: fire-proof PC ABS plastic

Operating Time & Stroke: VA-71xx series: 50 HZ:4.6 s/mm, 60 HZ:3.8 s/mm

VA-72xx series: 50 HZ:8.3 s/mm, 60 HZ:6.9 s/mm

Temperature Operation: -5~55℃ Storage: -20~ 65℃

Max. Relative Humidity: No condensing 90% no condensing


Types: on/off, Floating and Modulating (Proportional and Integral).


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