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V5016 Series Three-way Cutting Couplling Motorised Valve


V5016 Series Motorized Valves are used to control the flow of hot water, freezed in heating cooling or air-conditioning applications so as to control roo temperature indirectly. It is made up of Actuator and Valve body. The valve is closed, configurations of valve body are closed off; the thermostat (NTC) transfers a signal to actuator that will connect to power, and then open valve, input hot water or freezed water to fan coil unit; if the room temperature reaches to set-point, thermostat transfers a signal to actuator to cut off the power, and spring switch returan, valve is closed, and the hot or freezed water is block to fan coil unit. Therefore, the room temperature could be controlled in the set-point through valve opened or closed.


Smart, everlasting, less noise and able to work under high temperature environment.


Technical Data

Size: 22mm, 28mm
Liquid Temperature:5~88℃
Work Medium:Chilled/hot Water
Ambient Temperature:<52℃
Power Supply:220V (±10%)50-60Hz


If the motorized valve is applied for high building, should arrange another valve to reduce the pressure on the branch pipe in the bottom.


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