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V9016 Series Floating Valve


V9016 series floating/modulating valve is driven by bi-directional motor. The floating /modulating thermostat will continuously collect the data and make processing, and send out control signals to operate or stop the motor so as to control the open/close angle of the valve.


Valve body: Forged brass
Seal: Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
Chassis and Cover: Fireproof ABS plastic
Working media :Chilled/hot water


Technical Data

Media temperature :2~94℃ (36~201℉)
Body pressure :1.6Mpa (232psi)
Pipe connection: :NPT(N), BSP(G), Sweat(S), Inverted Flare(I)
Sealing method :Rubber ball sealing
Power supply :24VAC(A1), 110VAC(A2), 120VAC(A3), 220VAC(A4),
230VAC(A5) , 50/60Hz
Working ambient temperature :<40℃ (104℉)
Working ambient humidity :10~90% RH no condensation
Storage temperature :-20~65℃ (-68~149℉)
Timing protection (for optional) :Ensure the motor reliable and durable, for 24VAC only
Proportional input signal :0(2)~10V or 0(4)~20mA DC


With built-in PCB to do as a modulating valve, add “-E” behind the model, for example: V9016GC21520A1-E, there is only 24VAC (A1) power supply provided.


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