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R8300 Series Programmable Heating Thermostat


R8300 Series LCD Heating Thermostat adopt NTC sensor, Output relay controls the on/off of the motorized valve. When room temperature is 1℃ lower than set-point, thermostat opens the valve; when they are equal, it closed the valve. The max. current load is 16A. With computerized controller technique. R8300 Series Thermostats hava Timing Open/Close and 7days 4 cycle programmable function. LED displays room temperature and set-point mode.


Nice design.
Easy operation
NTC Sensor, accurate Temperature Measurement
LED indicator


Technical Data

Sensor: NTC
Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.5 ℃.
Temperature Range: 5-35℃.
Power Supply: AC220V ± 15%, 50/60 HZ
Output Power: AC220V2A for heating, AC220V16A for electric heating
Shell: PC+ABS (Fire-proof)


Applicable for heating pump, heating equipment, water heater etc,.


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