Porudcts Thermostat

R6600 Series Boiler Thermostat


R6600 Boiler Thermostats are used to control temperature in Gas, Oil, Electrical Boiler, Wall-mounted.


7days / 5+2 per week, 4 periods per day programmable.
Low-voltage Alarm.
Dry-touching output (AC24V output, less than5 A).
Range of Adjustable Temperature Backlash:0.5 ℃, 1℃, 1.5℃
Blue EL backlight.
Low temperature protection.
Battery supply.
Anti-electrostatic protection.
One heating mode
12 hours/24 hours timing.


Technical Data

Display: LCD.
Power Supply: AA1.5V Alkaline Power, 2 pcs.
Work Humidity: ≤95%(No-condensing).
Output Power: Relay AC24V (Output, ≤ 2 A).
AC220V (Output, ≤ 5 A)
Temp. Sensor: NTC.
Work Temp.: 0 ~ 50℃.
Storage Temp.: -10 – 60 ℃.


Applicable for:
Gas, Oil, Electrical Boiler, Wall-mounted


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