Air-conditioning Auto-Control  Motorized Valve

DV-E Motorized Ball Valve

DV-E series electric adjustable ball valve are made up by EA9XXX series electric actuator, EL9XXX series brass ball valve and EN9001 connectors, to adjust the regulating media flow, it is widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and buil…

CZ01 Hysteresis Synchronous Motor

CZ Hysteresis Synchronous Motor is used to HAVC system,Electric Valve,Riming Set etc..

V5016 Series Three-way Cutting Couplling Motorised Valve

V5016 Series Motorized Valves are used to control the flow of hot water, freezed in heating cooling or air-conditioning applications so as to control roo temperature indirectly. It is made up of Actuator and Valve body. The valve is closed, configura…

V9016 Series Floating Valve

V9016 series floating/modulating valve is driven by bi-directional motor. The floating /modulating thermostat will continuously collect the data and make processing, and send out control signals to operate or stop the motor so as to control the open/…

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