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DV-E Motorized Ball Valve

DV-E series electric adjustable ball valve are made up by EA9XXX series electric actuator, EL9XXX series brass ball valve and EN9001 connectors, to adjust the regulating media flow, it is widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and buil…

E30G series Electro-thermal Actuator

E30G series Electro-thermal Actuator is designed to control the open/close of small valve or Actuating control of PDM of chiller water or hot water for air-conditioning system so as to control the closed loop doublely and steadily.

ELVDA Series Motorized Dynamic Balance Valve

ELVDA Series Dynamic Balance Electric Regulation Valve is a new generation product different from the traditional electric regulation valve. It is a centralized product of dynamic balance and electric regulation function.

ELVCB Series Dynamic Flux Balancing Valve

ELEX ELVCB Series Two-way Dynamic Motorized Valve is a new product to control the temperature in Fan Coil Unit system. By integrating Dynamic balance and Motorized switch, it can run steadily and control accuracily. ELEX ELVCB Series Two-way Dynamic…

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